Mar 17

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Seven Pines Spirit Weeks

Happy Puppies Spirit Week!!!!!!

Monday March 30th– Write a thank you note to a super hero worker-this could be a parent, mail person, garbage collector, doctor, nurse, grocery store worker, etc.

Tuesday March 31st– Crazy hair and school colors day in honor of the hairstylists and the Seven Pines Elementary school we are missing

Wednesday April 1st– Dress like an old person day and call or write your older loved ones that are at greatest risk

Thursday April 2nd– Team Spirit Day- dress up or draw something that reminds you of your favorite sports team that are not playing now

Friday April 3rd -Draw a cartoon puppy!


Happy Spring Break, we made it parents, students, staff, enjoy a time of relaxing

And being grateful that we are together!!!


Thank you parents and caregivers for the love, care and learning you are doing with our students!!!!!





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